Dr. Denim Skateboards - Special Edition

Posted on October 09, 2013 by Tyler Parsons

As many of you already have seen, we have developed customized Dr. Denim skateboards in a very limited edition, along with the company 7tree in Borås, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. 7tree is founded and owned by the skateboard enthusiast Klas Herder Tingvall and all the decks are made by hand in his shop in Borås.

We decided to go with four different prints. Two of them is connected to the AW13 collection “Escapism” and the other two is just amazing. Do you recognize the print from our own beer, "the Drunken Sailor?"

We made a short interview with Klas to get to know him a little bit better:
 For how long have you been active in the skateboard industry?
– I've been riding since 1982. In 1984 I built my first skateboard, in 1996 I built my first longboard. Today, we are building almost exclusively skateboards.
How many have you made so far?
– There have been a couple of thousand decks over the years, that’s for sure. 
When was 7tree founded?
– In early 2008, I started making more and more and then I decided to start 7tree and I have been making decks almost everyday since then. 
How long does it take to make a skateboard, from the first piece until you can skate on it?
– It's hard to say, it depends on the model. And then you reduce the time per piece, the more you produce of one special model.
Do you have any major projects coming up?
– No major, but many competitions and openings for skateboard parks are planned in the autumn. We have a strong team that makes us grow over the Swedish border. Good, Swedish quality has enabled us to take place on the European market. Well, it’s in itself a major project when I think about it. 

Klas  Herder Tingwall from 7tree.se with our customized Dr. Denim skateboards.

Klas sure know what he’s doing. And when it comes to what we do best - jeans - we have to recommend Snap and our new fit Leon when it comes to more active sports like this. Snap is a true Dr. Denim classic and Leon is a new guy in the family with his dropped crotch and skinny fit. Both of them works brilliant when it comes to action sports thanks to the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric. 

Atlas Divine

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