In Conversation with the Cotton Tree Captain Penny Lane

Posted on November 23, 2012 by Freshteh Piltan

To kick our "In Conversation With..." series we ran into Penny Lane, head captain at Alterior Motif a boutique and wonderful lifestyle store in Cotton Tree. Having opened it´s doors almost a decade back in 2003, it´s no exaggeration to say that Alterior Motif´s Penny Lane and crew hold a firm grip around what´s worth spending your dime on in and around the Sunshine Coast.
Introducing Penny Lane.

So Miss Lane to start things off. You´ve got a killer name.  Probably bored to death with explaining, but we´re curious!?
Just what you'd expect really, my parents are total hippies. My dad was a huge Beatles fan and loved the song Penny Lane, my surname was Lane, so that's how it  happened. It's been a real positive in my life actually, people love it. Even my husband didn't want me change it when we married so it's here to stay.

Better perks of being you?
Friggin' EVERYTHING! I love my life, it's so awesome and I am super appreciative. Bad days are very far and few between.

What takes up your time, mind when you´re not working?
Family, cooking, hanging with my friends, surfing & playing cards with my nephews.

Beachbum or cityslicker?
Definitely beach bum. I could pretty much live on an island and be happy.

What´s most important to you when you buy a pair of denims?
The comfort factor.. Quality denim feels so good and should always be a priority.

Highwaisted or lowwaisted?
Penny:High all the way! Exposed butt crack in any form is beyond foul...

If you were to pick your favorite Dr Denim´s item from the SS12 collection, what would it be?
Penny:The Plenty in the grape, because they are super comfy and make your bum look like a nice round grape ha ha!

Any favourite inspirational sites you follow?

Penny: I have lots but the one I am into the most right now is Ponyhunter. I really dig her style and she wears a lot of brands we sell and styles them all together in a very Kiwi cool way.  Oracle Fox is a long time love.

Facebook or Instagram?

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
Take off on a huge wave and surf it like Slater, like proper tear the bag out of it, without dying. That would be nice.

Thanks for taking the time to hang with us Penny, what are you doing for the rest of your day?
Getting my next Dr Denim order done. Really! :) 

 Haha, sounds good to us Penny!

For all the latest dibs on Alterior Motif, get onto their Instagram & Facebook.


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