Your personal canvas - Raw Denim

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

 If your after a personalized canvas, telling the tale of your daily ventures and expressing your personality, you need to start building your long term relationship with your own pairs of raw denim.


In a nutshell raw denim is denim that is untreated, unwashed and pretty much in it´s original pure form. Varying between different manufacturers but usually the fabric features a more rigid, sturdy feel. Notice also how different raw denims feels when it comes to it´s thickness, ranging from light denim, around 12 Oz and towards the heavier side 16 Oz and up. This has to do with the denim weight, basically how much a yard of denim fabric weighs in ounces, Oz. There´s also a matter of starching to take in count. Needles to say, the heavier the denim, the more rigid the feel.

How to wear and tear your raw jeans?

Well´, we dislike rules, so let´s say there isnt really a "right" way, it comes more down to how you prefer your denims to look really. As denim enthusiasts though, we would suggest that you wear and tear them for 6 months before the first wash, live roughly in them until you start seeing the break-in effect.
We heard that the Japanese have a trick in where they wear the denims for a few months and then take a good old lukewarm bath, wearing the jeans. To really get them hugging your legs and shape.

Dr Denim, Raymond Red Selvage Raw - 6 months into being worn without a wash.

If you ask us, the reason to why you should own a pair of raw denim is that it´s a personalised denim relationship made to last. The older it grows, the more it shapes after you and your life, forming after your rips and tears. Time only gives you a more in depth pair expressing your individual rawness.

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