In conversation with the official sticky bandit - Lee Thompson

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

Have you ever wondered who´s in charge of covering you´re denim needs at General Pants with the latest jeans collection this side of the sphere? Question no more. Meet the music fanatic, denim barrister Lee Thompson.

Mens "bottoms" buyer at General Pants.
We had a quick chat with Lee to find out what keeps him ticking.

Where exactly are you right now Lee?
The harsh lands of Alexandria, Sydney.

Best part of your work?
People you deal with day to day makes life pretty easy. Definitely a part of the job that you’d easily underestimate but those relationships keep things ticking.

What´s the first page you hit when you turn your computer on?
It’d normally be one of three, grooveshark, the surf report or seeing if Liverpool fc won on the weekend.

What bands or artists have you derived your personal style from, if any?
Ah, probably not one band that resolutely stands out. If I was to call someone out I reckon Tim Rodgers (you am I) has to have one of the better styles going around.

Abba or Roxette?
It’d have to be Roxette….sorry Eurovision.

If you were to style a band in Dr Denim, what band and what would you have them wear?
It’d be great to see a band like Arcade Fire dressed up in head to toe Dr Denim. I’d put Win Butler in the Snap Black, Pete Chambray dry blue l/sl shirt and a Joey white pocket tee – quite clean and simple.

Tuck or no tuck?
No tuck

How do you put your jeans on?

Socks on first, then away you go. Also, I try not to grab onto a belt loop…that’s a recipe for disaster.

How long do you go without washing your denims?
I don’t try and do things religiously or regimented, but really haven’t washed a pair in the last year.

Denim fears?
Too skinny!!

Tripledenim, can it work?
It’s a big wear but like anything, a bit of confidence goes a long way. It would probably also have to be a more winter thing, living in Sydney, imagine how much of a nightmare it’d be in the middle of a hot sydney day with the ol 95% humidity.  

If we say Swedish denim craze, you say?
Carrot fit.

What do you know for sure?
That the Penrith Panthers won’t win the NRL premiership this year. Na, that denim should be apart of everyone’s wardrobe to some degree.
We def agree with Lee on the denim degree. Thanks Lee and keep on puzzling us with you´re great taste at General Pants.

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