Dr Denim Playlist - The Rubens

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

They say these days are the best we´ve got and you´re helpless as the tune glues itself to
the inside of you´re eardrums at first listen. The Rubens shouldn't need an introduction if
you live in Australia.

The three brothers and childhood friend are stirring up the a rapid dust along all paths they
play. With a top producer behind them who´s worked with the likes of The Strokes, New Order
and Lana Del Ray to name a few and a debut album that´s running from ear to ear they´re a
band on the rise. We´re intrigued by the guys so we asked them to put together a playlist for
us with songs they have been influenced by.  


It's inspiring when you're starting a band and hearing some other bands creating some really good
guitar music. Tame Impala are fantastic!


They have some of the best melodies and hooks of any band, and write songs that are
ridiculously catchy without being annoying or predictable. They also have a distinct
sound that is instantly recognizable as The Strokes.


Ghostbusters = balling .This song has it all , a toe tapping beat with a bad ass bass
line that glues together like arts and craft time at a retirement village . Dual sax
harmonies with solos that make Iron Maiden sound like the wiggles on drugs . The
pre chorus and bridge chords are master pieces that I'm sure were written by
Mozart when he wasn't on drugs. It's a fun song that make me feel good .


This is the song we walk out to at every gig. Pretty funny. Awesome track.


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