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Mix up a bit of psychadelic surf rock and add a side step of dub in a muddy garage and you get "Sticky Fingers". Their definately a Sydney band on the rise and moving on the fast track. We asked the boys to throw together a little playlist for us. They have more than a few words to share with us.


This track is just pure magic isn't it? And everytime it's on I can
see the mixture of beautiful countrysides and toxic innercity
wastelands passing by as our shakey old Tarago consumes one white line
after another. I remember the first time we heard it actually. The
band had just played a killer set in Wollongong and these dudes
invtied us for a spliff around the back during load out. Ended up
blazed like nothing else and driving at about 10 kilometres per hour
up the hilly highway back to Sydney. This song was cranking on the
radio and nobody said a word the entire 7:27 duration. .. and neither
does Neil until 3:23! It was dark going up that hilly highway and
particuarly mystical with this song playing. The tarago never ceased
to feel like riding a spaceship since then.

It's an instantly striking AC/DC number just upon hearing the outfit
play something so down tempo. Yet still has that distinct sound
doesn't it. And yep all Stickies are more fans of Bon Scott than AC/DC
itself. Truely bittersweet complete with his tragic lyrics. Especially
on knowing this was one of his last recordings before death. It's an
obvious one to chuck in the five for us especially consdiering its
name ... what can I say, we spend a fuckload of time on the road.

This band has a huge influence on Sticky Fingers. If only we had the
same skill on our instruments as they do! Haha, definately something
we're still working on. it was hard to choose just one song of their's
for this list, but yeah this one is a fucking beautiful little number.
We're all also amazed this was a B-side for the album Blood Sugar Sex
Magic. Goes to show singles aren't everything hey.

Such a weird song. Never heard crappy synth orchestral and horn
sections work so well. And Jimmy Page's slide guitar playing sound
slike the tears of an acid induced sunflower crying over loss of
daylight. This one inspires us to always simply try thing out when we
jam. We're a fan of keeping it simple but the more interesting and
striking the indivual sounds the better .. like whoa, what the fuck is

We find it hard to get over the fact that this song is offically the
state anthem of Oklahoma. How amazing is that? Don't want to come off
like a psuedo-intectually culture-fart wanker but lets face it, the
place is pretty damn "hillbilly" ... and just imaging all the school
kids singing along to this during school assembly puts a big grin
across my face. Aisde from that, I've never heard so simply beautiful
and heartbreaking lyrics ever. Brings a tear to my eye and makes me
want to give all my loved ones a big hug. it's cheesy but true ...
listen to the lyrics and tell me they don;t have the same effect in
you! Xoxoxoxoxox

Shame on you if you haven't caught the band already, if not, now´s the time.

TOUR DATES in March for the Caress Tour

Fri March 22 The Manning Bar - NSW
Sat March 23 Mona Vale Hotel Mona vale
Wed March 27 Rosemount Hotel Northbridge - Perth
Thurs March 28 The Prince Hotel - Bunbury - WA
Sat March 30 Settlers -  Margaret River - West Australia
Sun March 31 - White Horse -  Albany - WA

Oh and they´re touring all of April aswell. 


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