Legendary Classics - The Chinos

Posted on March 07, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

If you think Chinos are just another pair of pants. Think again.
These iconic´s present a history and transformation from military uniform
to a timeless wardrobe staple. As our brand new style chinos "Heywood"
soon will hit Australia and New Zealand.  It´s about time to run you down

Starting with British troops stationed in India1846,  Sir Harry Lumsden
regarded the tight-fitting scarlet uniforms and white pants of the British army
to be totally unsuitable for the Indian climate and set about dressing his
officers and men in loose fitting clothes that blended with the landscape.

Sir Henry Lumsden. One of the last images of him in the
uniform he made obsolete

Using mazari, a native plant and some say using the mud in the river,
they  colored the uniforms with a dye that would blend the garments
in with the local terrain. As a result they were called "khakis", Hindu
word for "dust" and mud. In 1884 the British Army adopted khakis
as their official uniform and following in their footsteps, one country
after another.

American Navy Uniforms

The American Army also quickly adopted khakis and it was used during 1898 in
the Spanish - American war.  Re-phrasing the word to "Chinos", as the uniforms were
made in China and as the Spanish term for Chinese is… you guessed it "Chino".
And as the troops then returned to their civilian lives, at a time where jeans still were
not permitted in schools and colleges, they continued wearing their Chinos.

Holder Hall Princeton

Creating an Ivy league look on campuses all over,  coining "preppy" and "Ivy League", with button
down shirts and loafers.

James Dean - East of Eden         Sean Connery - James Bond

In the 50´s Chinos got an extra drive from Hollywwod and style icons converting the look into a
more street smart, relaxed style, sending them into timeless.

Neal Cassady & Jack Kerouac         John F Kennedy

Having an ever evolving character, preppy to relaxed and laid-back look to counter-culture on to
the legs of beatnicks, to presidents, the thinkers, the makers. Tucking themselves into the effortless
corner of classics, no matter what style you have. And thanks to their military origin, making them
sturdy and long lasting.

Chinos are timeless classics, worth investing in for years to come.

We´re excited to introduce our new Chinos - Heywood.

Coming SOON!

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