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The road is ahead. Where will it take you? What is around the next bend? All you know for sure is that you are going to be on it. Get behind the wheel with The Throttle Dolls, a chasing-the-dream MC-crew that truly knows how to enjoy the ride.

Three best friends, three motorbikes, one big adventure. The Throttle Dolls was born two years ago from a search for freedom, a longing for adventure and a need for excitement. With a passion for motorcycles Nina, Erica and Maria formed a sisterhood that would be the foundation for what is now turning into a movement. Together they took on the challenge of breaking stereotypes and enjoying life unconditionally. A journey that have taught them how to concur every curve on the road that we call life, finding satisfaction not knowing what comes ahead.

– Riding a motorcycle is about losing control while keeping it. It’s just you, the bike and the road, says Erica, making the reference to life itself pretty clear. Riding is like a roller coaster, it’s adventurous and you never know what’s behind the next corner, she continues.


The striking thing, except the fact that the crew is always impeccably stylish, is how The Throttle Dolls seems to love what people fear the most. It is not only the love for the speed of the ride, but the urge to look for the unknown. When life itself is uncertain one tends to try and tame it, but The Throttle Dolls instead have learned how to nail every corner with perfection. On the bike you have to stay focused, you have to find the right speed. You do not want to go too fast and miss out the beauty of a ray of sun finding its way through the leafage, or so slow that you cannot feel the wind in your face. It’s all about being in the moment.

– When riding with The Throttle Dolls we don’t know what is going to happen, we’re just embracing freedom and independency with laughter and confidence. We just ride.

Nina’s words conclude what The Throttle Dolls is all about, a statement that is becoming a movement. With more than 43.000 followers on Instagram and an ever growing fan base the group is organizing meet ups and engages in charity together with fellow riders. For the Dolls motorcycling is a constant process, a quest that aims for new horizons. It is a ride and an unconventional way of doing things that will keep inspiring.

– Of course it’s hard sometimes because you constantly negotiate with how life is supposed to be lived according to others. It’s all worth it though when you see the positive energy and inspiring effects the Dolls have on both individuals and society, says Maria.

From Australia with love, hear the engine roar, feel the wind in your face and take on your own winding road. Set out on a journey where the simplest things can be the most amazing ones.

Photos by Gustav Wiking

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