The Graah brothers in town

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

A few more pictures from Johannes and Alexanders visit to Sydney last week. In town to introduce
the Spring Summer 2013 collection for the traveling crew members of one of Sweden's
largest chain stores "Carlings". After a busy first day and a few well deserved hours of sleep to get rid of the jet lag,
the boys were ready to take on Sydney.

Hangover /jet lagged breakfast at Mr Mo.

Including avocado mash on sourdough bread, topped with grilled tomatoes and a chunk of
parmesan cheese. Very very good!

Johannes drawing the chalk logo at the The Norfolk where they held the presentation.

Including a slide-show of the Spring Summer 13 Images which have not been officially released yet.

Followed by some amazing bloody marys!

A few snaps of the curios crowd.

We really enjoyed having the guys visiting.
Hope to see you guys again over here soon!

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