Dr Denim Playlist - Bang Bang Rock´n Roll, Good morning!

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan


Bang Bang Rock´n Roll - One of the more interesting garage & surf punk rock devils
emerging right now if you ask us. If you´ve been out rockin as you should, you´ve probably seen
them banging away at venues all over Australia. We checked in with the band,
curious what tunes kickstarts their days.

These guys got us into having 2 lead singers, and mixing male and female vocals
seamlessly. A great rock and roll track to start your morning.

Mornings for us means hangovers and dealing with people while not quite together for the day.
This track accurately represents our mornings.  A little bit crazy, but a really catchy tune.

One of the greatest bands in the world! This track is an awesome way to
kick start your day. HEY! HO! LET'S GO!!!!

The new Wavves record is fantastic, and this opening track is an awesome way to wake up
during your drive to work. Such an amazing sense of abandon and freedom. Really cool.

This is us!!! This track represents mornings from the other end, as in you've been up all night
and you're still partying at 6am.  A surf-punk party anthem.

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