In Conversation with - Dan our embossed National Sales Manager

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

Meet Dan, he is slick, kindhearted and know´s everything there remotely is to know about
Dr Denim. 
Any wash, fit or twill stitched sideways worthy of knowing, he´s got it all covered.
Proud to call him our
 National Brand Manager. And beside his shiny impressive title, he
is also an awesome dad to three mesmerizing
 kids. Read on
Hey Dan, 
For those who have no idea who you are. Give us a little introduction

Well my name is Dan, and I look after Dr Denim for Australia.

Best part of your work?

Best part of the job is definitely dealing with the people associated with the label, we’re
really privileged the amount of idiots we have to deal with is close to zero.

Tell us about your typical day, today for example, what have you been up to?
My day can involve anything and everything plus lots of emailing and catching up with
our customers and going through the new offering with them. Had a great meeting with
General Pants today by the way. Plus someone’s been hassling me to answer these
questions so I’m answering those right now.

Any exciting things you can hint about coming up this season?

We’ve got a whole stack of new denim washes being released which we’re pretty excited
about. Also have a brand new skinny stretch chino fit called the Heywood. It’s a something
we’ve been hassled about for a long time, and the guys in Sweden have really nailed the fit.
So are you a beach bum or a city slicker?
Depends on the weather, I secretly harbour aspirations to become a forest recluse.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

If we were to give you a pair of Dr Denim Jeans, which ones would you choose? Skinny or straight?

I’m a bit of a fan of Straight Leg Jeans, Currently have a minor obsession with a fit of ours
called Treeger in Red Selvedge I have  3 pairs in rotation at the moment favorite being a pair
I got when first released about 18 months ago they've been worn about ’ times a week and
are aging beautifully. It will be an emotional time when I have to give these up.

Right or left leg first?
I can’t think properly until I have my first coffee in the morning, So basically I have no
recall of getting dressed in the morning.  

What´s your one special talent you´ve got that no one knows about?
I’m really getting in gardening at the moment and nothings died yet.... is that talent?

Yupp we count that as a talent, especially since you´re doing an amazing job keeping our
plants alive at the office, (Dan´s the only one remembering to water them, oops)
Thanks for taking the time Dan!

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