Dr Denim Playlist - Chicks Who Love Guns

Posted on June 05, 2013 by Freshteh Piltan

If you’re yet to be blown away by ‘Chicks Who Love Guns’ let me open the barrel to ultimate punk.

These guys are on the fore-front of Australia's punk revival. With a typical 'Chicks Who Love Guns' show described as “a lot of broken glass, bleeding, injuries and a lot of beer”.

We got them to put together a playlist from their personal collection. Enjoy..

 I finally saw this band for the first time last year and they killed it. A track fit to describe the setting of a 6am Sunday morning bender that began on Wednesday, feeling confident that you have misplaced your phone/wallet/keys/friends/location in style...

- Mody 



 A great 2 piece from Melbourne. The most perfect song to pull you out of a Sunday morning haze, especially around the 2 minute mark - pure energy enough to motivate anyone to make the move from horizontal to standing...

- Jack


These dudes are really old friends of ours and they are absolutely killing it. This is a perfect Sunday song whether you are still crawling around from the night before or just straight chillin on the sabbath. Play it through good speakers while you are cooking some bacon and tell me that bacon doesn't taste better than usual.

- Cass



One of my favourite live songs of all time, keeps me energetic on a Sunday.

- Xavier 

Great jam for any occasion!

-  Mitch

If you like their taste, I'm sure you'll love their sound. Check them out:

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