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We are pumped to be presenting Tigertown’s national ‘Papernote’ tour this December!
After a massive homecoming show at BIGSOUND, a globetrotting 2016 that included a series of standout showcases at SXSW, and tours the world over with Troye Sivan, St.Lucia and MS MR. The Sydney-natives have one more notch in their international touring circuit supporting Panic! At The Disco this November in Europe, before finishing the year by winding back through their homeland.   


We caught up with Elodie (Tigertown’s Bassist super-woman!) before the alt-pop quartet embark on their upcoming tour!

Do you get much down time on tour?
Generally, our tours are pretty jammed pack. Our flights are often early and our shows are late. We are always so torn between having a little nap in the hotel and running around the city. We all suffer hugely from FOMO so the latter normally wins. Finding the best coffee and food is always the top priority. We mostly stick together but we aren’t afraid to go our separate ways when we need. This normally happens when the girls decide to go shopping! When we tour Australia we also have the extra challenge of trying to catch up with all our friends around the country.


Illustration by Monica Ramos

Do you have any special tour rules?
Whoever is driving’s name is “Boot”, and the person in the passenger seat must stay awake and DJ an awesome playlist for the rest of us. If there’s a dispute on the music, the driver has the final say.


Who would you love to collaborate with on a future project?
Two of our dreams have already come true: St Lucia and BORNS.
Next for me would be Daniel Johns; the love of my life.

Tell us a bit about your song writing process.
It’s always different, but mostly starts with the music. It could be a beat or a riff. Long before we know what the song’s going to be about, Chris will sing a melody idea in jibberish.  Charlie often comes up with things on the spot as she’s doing vocal takes. We all add ideas and suggestions as the song develops throughout the recording process, but it’s never the same. Our latest single, “Papernote” begun with a Zimbabwean guitar sample. We decided straight away that the song would be about a story our drummer had told us about his wife that had really moved us.
Did you ever have any weird or wonderful jobs before becoming a full time musician?
I used to run children’s birthday parties dressed as a fairy. Alexi was a cinema projectionist before they become extinct. Charlie was a country singing star entertaining in pubs from the age of 10. And Chris played electric guitar for Shannon Noll, he wins.


Do you have a pre-show routine?
We huddle… sometimes run through the set... have a little sing… say a little prayer and off we go!


What can attendees expect from your National tour?
They can expect us to play songs from our current EPs as well as some brand new ones. In return we expect people to dance :)

Tigertown National Tour
With special guest Amy Shark
Saturday December 3 – Disconnect Festival, WA
Thursday December 8 – Workers Club, Geelong, VIC
Friday December 9 - Howler, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday December 10 – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday December 15 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW
Friday December 16 – Wollongong Uni Bar, Wollongong, NS
Saturday December 17 – Jive Bar, Adelaide, SA
Stay up to date with these superstars here or via
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tigertownband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigertown/

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