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Posted on September 05, 2016 by Dr Denim Online Store

Recently, we collaborated with our pals at General Pants and Rocket K (photographer extraordinaire!) to produce Dr Denim's first Australian campaign. GP sat down with Rocket K for a little chat about strange locations, getting into the zone and his denim favourites...

How long did it take you to find the perfect shoot location?

 It only took a day, in fact the day before the shoot. The team went around St Peters and Alexandria looking for the perfect place. The majority of the shoot was in an abandoned sand and dirt sales lot and beyond that a few locations in the back of different warehouses in the area.

Strangest location you’ve been for a shoot?

"One time my mate Josh and I broke into an abandoned hospital and painted this huge wall white and pink, and then we painted all the furniture block colours like pale blue, light pink. When we came back the next day we had to climb up a tree, jump onto an air conditioning unit and climb through a window to open the front door and of course act as if everything was cool."

What tunes are gettin’ you into the zone on the job?

Honestly with my taste of music, I’m easy. I always try to base the tunes on the shoot, for instance, on this shoot we wanted it to feel fun and easy going so we had a So Fresh playlist mixed with Ta-Ku, The 1975 and Banks.

Strangest subject you’ve ever had to shoot?

I’ve shot a donkey at a party and a dog on the red carpet, but above all I’d say the weird people I see on the street. I never HAVE to shoot them I just enjoy it.

What do you rate most about Dr Denim’s new range?

I used to wear selvage denim but that didn’t last long ‘cause they have no stretch! I could barely even sit on my motorbike and when I’m shooting I need to be able to move.

Outside of photography, what are your creative pursuits?

"I grew up believing I’d be an artist, I always drew and was actually pretty good at it. Then found the music room, where this drum kit right was calling my name. I pursued that for a while but found time managing to difficult to stick with a band."


Thanks to our friends at General Pants for the interview.
Check out more of Rocket K's work here 

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