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Posted on November 14, 2016 by Dr Denim Online Store

How did the store name 11:11 O’clock come about?

I had always had a connection with the time 11:11, so that part was a really natural and easy thing to name the store... but when I went to register the name, legally 11:11 was already taken and so momentarily, opted to go with 11:11 o'clock. Little did I know it'd be the most annoying name to try and spell out to new accounts or say to people over the phone...

"one, one, colon, one, one, o, apostrophe, c, l, o, c, k"

 What does a typical day in the life of Ellie look like?

Life has definitely slowed right down for me now! I'm really working on myself, embracing what Byron has to offer. I'm all about waking up early, walking to the lighthouse and doing some yoga here and there. I start the day with some delicious wholefoods, drink a stiff, strong, flavorsome coffee before going to work and being surrounded by delightful, pleasant customers all day. After work....? It's surf time baby!


 What’s your fave Dr Denim fit?

I’m a sucker for a skinny black jean. Arlene is hands down the best fitting black jean I have ever worn... even have them on right now. It's a no brainer for me selling to girls when they ask for a good pair of black jeans - I have 100% faith in this fit. If you're after something more edgy, I'm loving the Haze Jean at the moment.. I’m also a sucker for a 90's straight leg.... Dr Denim nail it every time with the cropped, straight leg, vintage style jean. They rule!

If you were to open up a second 11:11 store, anywhere in the world, where would it  be?

Oh Gosh, to be honest I'm pretty happy with having a single doorway in Byron Bay, stress levels are so low and life is incredibly care-free.  But in the imaginary world of fairy tales, I’d say somewhere along the likes of Mexico; that place holds a pretty special place in my heart. In a tiny beach side town... that’s where you'd find me.


What kind of tunes do you normally have playing in store?

On any given day you'll find a National album playing, that band is so timeless for me, his voice... those words....kill me...

If I could, I would play Nick Cave all day, but the emotions run a little high to be playing in the shop. Got to mix it up every now and then and put something lighter on. I’m sure the other girls play more fun tunes.

 What are your top local tips for visitors in Byron Bay?

Just walk around and soak up the vibes...this town is so wonderful. I’d personally grab a beer from the local bottle shop and go sit street side and do some people watching. That’s my idea of a good time in the Bay.

Beaches are incredible... if you see some trash, please pick it up! We love visitors that have a high respect for the natural beauty of the town. That’s what attracted them in the first place right?!

And, if you want to go and get some amazing food, booze and good vibes - head to the Roadhouse for a whiskey and locally sourced feed, they are the best!!!!


3/20 Fletcher Street 
Byron Bay, 2481


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