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We all crave a little wanderlust here in the Dr Denim office, even if it's just a short trip inter-state. We caught up with Melbourne based Instagramer Jack Reynolds to get some hot tips on where to hit up on a 24 hour trip to Melbs. 

First things first! Tell us a bit about yourself… you have a finance background, what made you take up Instagraming?

Where do I start... my name's Jack? I'm a 25 year old full-time account and part time social media influencer. Since a very young age I always appreciated fashion and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. After a fair bit of pressure from my ex-housemate I started the Instagram page "itsmejack" as a creative outlet to express myself in a totally different way to your everyday 'accountant'. 

Jack Reynolds a.k.a It's Me Jack

How long have you lived in Melbourne? 

I moved to Melbourne in October 2015 for a job at an accounting firm, little did I know, or even understand the power of social media. I made the move for the change in lifestyle, I really wanted to experience the big smoke and the variety of cultures Melbourne has to offer.  

Coffee Shop NYC. via. @itsmejack

You have coffee ☕ listed as an interest in your Insta bio, you must have sussed out a few good places to get your caffeine fix around town; where would be your top picks? 

If I gave you a dollar for every different coffee store I've been in, you would be a very rich person, haha! From Monday through to Friday my go to is Everyday Midtown on Little Collins. On the weekend, you can't go past Café BÜ.

During the week I'm looking for a quick but strong coffee served with a smile. On the weekend I love being outdoors, Café BÜ is the perfect mix of arty and relaxing. Although it's a bit of a drive, there's no such thing as wasted time if your getting good coffee! 

                                                              Café BÜ Carlton North 

You’ve got the day off to go shopping, where do you head to first? 

As boring as it sounds I head to the CBD first. Now now, here me out before you start laying the criticism on me. The CBD has the biggest variety of items. You can go from a Burberry trench coat to a basic white tee in a matter of a kilometer or two. Whether you're dressing for a black tie ball or a future festival, the CBD has you covered!

What’s your drink of choice? Where would you find the best one in Melbourne?

Wow - decisions, decisions. In all seriousness you can't beat the Pandan Whizz-Fizz at Saigon Sally. It's every 90's kids memories in a glass!


                                                         Saigon Sally, Windsor

If someone was in Melbourne for one night, where would you recommend they go? 

You can't go wrong down Chapel! Tokyo Tina is definitely one restaurant I'm loving right now. It's worth the wait... trust me. Whilst you're waiting go for a drink at Boston Sub. Don't be fooled by the cool-room door! 


                      Tokyo Tina, Windsor & their Orange is the New Black Dessert. 

Best place to get your culture on? 

NGV  (National Gallery of Victoria) Friday nights, they hold a bunch of events throughout the year. The perfect way to unwind after a long week!

                                    National Gallery of Victoria. Image via Instagram. 

What would you say is Melbourne’s best kept secret?

Templetown Barber. Why? Well for one, they don't advertise! And two, you should never undervalue a slick haircut. Now the cats out of the bag, do I need to find a new secret?

Follow Jack on Instagram :  @itsmejack  

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