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Triple J Unearthed winners and swooning romantics, I Know Leopard can do it all. Hell, they even took a break from recording their debut album for a lil’ modelling work for Dr. Denim. Decked in their fave fits, I Know Leopard showed us they can work it for the camera as well as they do on stage.

Obviously these are guys we had to hang with. Check our convo where we talk French Pop, denim and la di das with Luke & Rosie from I Know Leopard.   

The new single, Let Go, sounds super dreamy – is that the vibe you were going for?

"Yeah, pretty much all our stuff comes out like that. We love light, airy, romantic vibes in our music."

What were you vibing on around the time of writing your newest stuff?

"Quite a bit of French pop music like Sebastian Tellier, Serge Gainsbourg, Elli & Jacno. Songs where the strings form the basis of the song’s instrumentation and lots of backing vocals - love a good la la di da."

Tell us about the shoot. Was it weird being in a ‘fashion shoot’ compared to normal band press?

"The shoot was really fun! It was half running amok in the Metro and half striking super awkward poses. Lucky for us the photographer was Michelle Pitiris who we've worked with before."

What is your favourite pair that you wore?

Rosie: "The Nora! Super comfy and flattering."

How would you describe your on-stage style?

"A melancholy baby doll on holiday in France."

Who has the best style out of the whole band?

"Todd hands down. We call him Metal-Chic. He’s a born metal head but he’s known to blend a Cannibal Corpse tee with a pleated suit pant."

What should never be worn on stage?

"I was going to say Crocs and socks but now I think of it that actually might work nicely."

You guys are going on tour with Montaigne in July, what can we expect at those shows?

"We’ll be trying out some of the new songs we’ve been working on for debut album. Maybe some new dance moves like co-ordinated sways and head bops."

What are you looking forward to most at these shows?

"Just getting to play music around the country with your best mates really. It doesn’t get old."

If I Know Leopard was a fruit what kind of fruit would it be and why?

"A Kiwi fruit. Exotic, yet ultimately smooth AF on the way down."

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Photos by Michelle Pitiris | @sheisaphrodite | http://www.sheisaphrodite.com/
Video by Nick Sullivan | @nickjsullivan | http://nicksullivan.co/


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