Meet the Family

Dr. Denim is proud to be a family-owned company. The two founding brothers - Alexander and Johannes Graah - share an MA degree in economics & management at Oxford University, their extreme attention to detail and their never ending obsession with denim. The passion for denim was naturally inherited from their father Morten - a key player in the European denim industry since the late '70s. We took a moment to return to our roots by chatting with Alexander Graah.

What is your role at Dr Denim?
C.E.O. and Creative Director. In practice, my brother, Johannes, and I share the C.E.O. role.

How did you become interested in denim?
That goes back a long time. I was born and raised in denim. Well almost. I got my first Canadian tuxedo at the age of three and have felt right at home ever since. When I care about something, I tend to dive in and seek in-depth knowledge and make it my whole world. That happened with denim when I grew up and now we’re inseparable. Of course, the fact that my parents worked in the industry with imports of international denim brands as well as denim production didn’t help. Nor did the fact that my grandfather was in the fashion industry as well. It runs in the veins. 

What do you love most about what you do? 
Probably how Dr. Denim allows us to work creatively but also work with completely other things. I need the challenge of being on top of a wide variety of areas including ones that are not creative, so I am almost equally happy working on system design or a legal issue or something completely different – the sheer variety of work we have to do forces us to stay sharp and learn, and that is what I love most. I think we get the best of both worlds with where we are at – Dr. Denim is big enough to have resources to do things to the highest standards but small enough to preserve that entrepreneurial approach where we roll up our sleeves and dig in.

What are you working on at the moment?
Webinars for our ERP system. Whenever new recruits join us, they need to get a solid intro to our ERP system, so there you go.

Describe your personal style.
Ever changing. I’m not for the most theatrical looks – I prefer things to be subtly cool. And it will continue to change. I will be eventually be 80 and still be trying to find my personal style, and I will do that proudly. We should all strive forward and never settle for one version of ourselves. While style may not be the deepest thing, the approach we take to style and clothing, I tend to find, is tied to how we approach ourselves and the world. We need to be open-minded, in search of new ideas, open to new perspectives. Open-minded fluid people also tend to have a fluid personal style, so that style tends to express, or at least indicate, something bigger and more important.

What denim trends are you seeing for 2020? 
More of the same. Denim evolves gradually. Expect wide fits, high waists, authentic washes, ripped legs and all that.

Which denim trends do you hope will never come back?
I’ve done this long enough to know that there is no such thing. It’s fun when cringey things come back in a new take.

Thanks for your time, Alexander!


Does denim run in your veins too?
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