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Posted on July 16, 2017 by Dr Denim Online Store

It’s that time of the year when punters nation-wide all unite for the Olympics of Australian music festivals: Splendour In The Grass.

   "The SITG letter installation, feeling as perky as I did on the last day"- Aimee Steadman. 

It’s an experience truly unique, nestled in the hills and troughs of the North Byron Parklands. It has been known to divide in only one way: the defeaters and the defeated. There will be new mates. There will be great music. There will be mud and there will be drop toilets. Here are our tips to ensure that you’re dancing around with your glow sticks (and god knows what else) within the winner’s circle. 



Typically, your mode of transport is going to be piling four of your best mates into whoever’s car is the least likely to break down for the umpteen-hour road trip. That means the luggage for all five of you, pillows, your camping gear, an esky and probably your parent’s fold-up chairs that you forgot were in there but to your advantage, will come in handy (hopefully sans used tissues in the mesh drink holders). Car boots are a fantastic design feature but they have ZERO stretch and that means that each person needs to pack within their imagined quota of car space. Nothing strains the friendship between passenger and car-packer like the duffle bag that has three pairs of jeans too many and is stopping the door from closing. Here is the definitive list of what you will need. No exceptions.

  • 1 x box of preferred variety of painkillers
  • 47 x pairs of socks (you will come home with no more than 4.5 pairs)
  • 1 x pair of black gumboots. The only footwear you will need. I repeat. The ONLY.
  • 2 x jackets: a wet weather and a statement, probably denim (but that’s just me).
  • 6 x T-shirts. You have full creative control here.
  • 1 x tube of paw paw ointment. The insta-cure for chapped lips, sunburn, heel blisters and at a pinch, a lubricant for any stiff tent/jean zippers. Hell, I even used it as an eye cream.
  • 1 x towel. This only needs to be big enough to cover the essentials. Don’t be the ‘I’ll just drip dry’ guy. For the love of festivals, just put it in your bag. 


The key to squeezing every ounce of fun out of camp festivals is endurance and how to achieve that, I’ve found, is to successfully strike the balance between festival feels and home comforts. I’m the first to admit that a steaming, crisp spinach and cheese gözleme with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of sumac is like a shining beacon of light, hope and happiness for your growling stomach on the trudge back to your tent. I can further confirm that there is nothing that makes you feel like less of a functioning, real-life person than scoffing a gözleme for breakfast then using the lemon squeeze as Band-Aid for your morning-after Jack Daniels and coke breath because you had to use your toothbrush as a makeshift tent peg. Instead, walk yourself (semi-stably) straight to the coffee truck and get you an iced latte and buttered croissant combo. Pretentious? Perhaps. Worth it? Undoubtedly. (Don’t get me wrong. You should still get the gözleme but just like, save it for lunch.)

Aimee Steadman with said Croissant- a must for any SITG attendee! 


Splendour In The Grass is considered Australia’s Coachella and for this reason attracts the best in the biz each year. You lucky punters of 2017 are spoilt for choice but here’s our pick of the bunch. Download them, throw them in your ‘SITG Car’ playlist and make sure you learn the lyrics well enough that you can sing them in the background of your snap story and not look like a loser/have to mute your entire story. You’re welcome.

Tove Lo 

It’s no easy feat to get a crowd dancing euphorically to a tune about the unfathomable heartbreak experienced at hand of a breakup but if anyone can do it, it’s our favourite Swedish songstress. Our shared Swedish heritage could be making us a little partial but then again, it’ll be hard to argue that point when you’re tapping your foot and shaking your hips to that really great poppy-but-edgy track of hers. Oh wait…that’s all of them.  



Making the trip down under on the back of the release of their sophomore album, Something To Tell You, Haim are billed to be one of the highlights this year. All we can hope from the trio’s set is synchronized choreography, pant suits and an opportunity for us to sing ‘Want You Back’ back AT them, rather than with them because inevitably, we will want them back and desperately so.


Tash Sultana 

I would argue that most of my favourite things can be traced back to grapes: wine (of nearly all varieties), vinegar (this might seem odd to anybody who hasn’t just spent a week in North Queensland – just trust, ok?) and Ms Tash Sultana (because well, obviously). She is the ultimate one-woman band. She’s fierce, overtly talented and better in real life than in any recording. Basically, everything we wish we were but are not, no matter how good the acoustics are in our bathroom.


Words by Aimee Steadman. 

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