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Our focus at Dr Denim is to make premium denim at an affordable price. We’ll get straight to the point; Our prices are changing.

It’s not an easy conversation; it makes us feel uncomfortable, but as they say, diamonds are made under pressure.

I’m sure you’ve seen prices increasing across the country, petrol, houses, toilet paper, and everything else in daily life.

It has always been our goal to provide the highest quality denim at an affordable price, something that we are incredibly proud of, and something we are confident we’re still providing, even with a little increase.

The reality is that every aspect of our process is costing more, from materials, manufacturing, logistics and freight. We’ve seen other brands increasing around us, and we’ve tried to hold off as long as possible, but in order for us to continue moving forward, this is a step we’re forced to take.

We want to be transparent with you. Below are some very real statistics that can maybe help you further understand our position:

- We’ve not increased our prices since 2004. The average inflation of 2% p/a over 10 years is a 20% increase, even though we’ve held out till now, it was inevitable that our prices would increase eventually.

- Raw materials have more than tripled, cotton in particular, one of our most important components when making denim.

- 10 years ago, cotton was plain cotton. Today we buy cotton of more specific qualities including recycled. We’ve also sourced weaving mills that are OEKOTEX certified. This of course adds to the cost.

- Global freight costs have increased far beyond what anyone thought possible, applicable to both inbound and outbound.

- Our offer/product has gotten stronger both in terms of quality, style & fit, step by step since  

The choke on the supply chain began with the increased price and shortage of raw material & freight costs, this leads to increased costs of labour, and our suppliers have been forced to increase their costs and Voila, here we are.

As a team, we want to reiterate that we did not want it to be this way. We want to continue to provide you with the best denim at the best price and we plan on being the most competitive, quality product on the market.

Thanks for the ongoing support.

Love the Dr Denim Team


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