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Our focus at Dr Denim is to make premium denim at an affordable price. Since our launch in 2004, sustainability has always been a focus, and as our brand has developed, so have our sustainability practices. We've never promoted these processes; however, we feel it’s time. We've got a lot to share in 2022 but for now, we’ll let you in on our three-legged approach to sustainability:

Change for the better.


Continuous improvement is at heart because the path towards sustainability must be never-ending and built on a principle of continuous improvement. Moving towards an all-sustainable range is our long-term goal, fulfilled only when expectations are exceeded. Nothing less than great is good enough.

Long life over fast fashion.


Long-life over fast fashion because longevity is a key ingredient to sustainability, Dr. Denim aims to deliver durable products that don’t go out of fashion and can endure extensive use over a long period of time, minimizing the need to replace and making the product attractive second-hand. To maximize longevity, it's our policy to use quality fabrics, and trims and to follow strict AQL rules before goods are shipped from origin.

Volume over greenwashing.


We assess the social and environmental performance of our value chain and the environmental impacts of Dr. Denim products. Imagine one denim fit in one wash where Dr. Denim sells twelve thousand pieces in a year; it's more important that this jean is made of organic cotton than to show off ten different organic cotton t-shirts. Dr. Denim looks to make an impact based on facts and science. To measure sustainability and choose the right strategy, Dr. Denim uses the HIGG index. Currently, all Dr. Denim products are vegan, and by 2025, we're aiming for more than 90% green offering.

Fabrics & fibers.


Certified Organic Cotton: Cotton is grown using sustainable methods including; non-toxic pesticides and fertilizers, replenishing and maintaining soil fertility and farming biodiverse agriculture. Certified by Control Union.

Recycled Cotton: Regenerated cotton fibres produced from using recycled raw materials, as well as used, reconditioned and re-manufactured cotton components.

Lyocell: A plant-based fibre made from sustainably farmed wood and is, therefore, biodegradable and compostable. 99.5% of it can be recycled and reused.

Chemicals: Dr Denim is a member of the Swedish chemical group Kemikaliegruppen. We adhere to a chemical policy that is stricter than both the EU directive 1907/2006 “REACH” and California Prop. 65.

Trims: Dr Denim's woven labels, metallic buttons and rivets are all certified OEKO-TEX Standard and made by our Swedish supplier Rudholm-Haak.

Vegan: We do not use any animal-derived materials in our products.

People: Dr Denim is a member of Amfori. The organisation complies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, OECD Guidelines, UN Global Compact and International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions and Recommendations relevant to improve working conditions in the supply chain.

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