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Welcome to Point Of View 002 by DR DENIM. The point of this editorial is to give space to the thoughts and views of our community. To open up new conversations, invite perspectives and build relationships with friends, old and new.

Our next guest is Tom Butterworth, a 27-year-old Northern Beaches local who’s living his dream of working as a freelance artist and graphic designer.

Tom’s passion for handy work and creativity led him to carpentry, and then on to study graphic design. Going freelance with his design skills while still swinging the hammer led him to start One Stone, where he finally settled in his dream job - fusing both worlds together (not forgetting a couple of failed businesses along the way).

Check out Onestone here.

D: Welcome to POV! We already covered introductions so maybe you can tell us what you do?

T: Thanks for the intro! I hand cut and carve functional sculptures out of recycled Sydney sandstone. Onestone sculptures are all cut and crafted from my Sydney studio. I love the idea of injecting a piece of Australia into your home.

D: Where do you live?

T: Narrabeen on the Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I feel lucky, blessed, grateful and so much more (thanks, Mum and Dad xx). My parents worked bloody hard to live here and bring up three boys. Huge respect to all working Mums and Dads out there!

D: Do your values inform your relationship to clothing?

T: I’m a mixed bag and happy to own it. I back the shit out of purchasing second-hand clothing. I’d say 70% of my wardrobe is second-hand pieces but I also don’t mind spending some $$ on a few finer things, like sunnies, shoes and good denim.

D: How do you find your life shapes your expression through clothing?

T: Well, I love fishing and surfing just as much as I love fashion, beauty, classical music and the appreciation of fine dining, so one minute I could be burleying up a hole off the rocks in my stinky fishing clothes then by the afternoon I’m slipping my loafers on, brushing my hair back and getting on the ferry into town. Fuck, how goods Sydney! 

D: How important is creativity in your routine?

T: Wow :) Creativity is what drives me every single bloody day. Without sounding corny, it fills my heart, makes me proud, makes me cry, and leaves me wanting more. Doesn’t matter what you do, getting creative and doing it with beauty is something special.

D: What is your denim go-to?

T: The lot (ya dog! haha) I love it all! I wear my blue Dash Jeans when working and my black or blue Omar’s once tools are down (all the bloody time).

D: What are you listening to?

T: Eydis Evensen, Nick Drake, J.J Cale and Colter Wall. But if there was only one song I could listen to for the rest of my life it would be Max Richter, Spring 1.

 D: And finally, what are you cooking/eating?

T: Lots!! But as of the last few weeks, I’ve gone full winter mode. Homemade banana pancakes, homemade pumpkin soup with sourdough, loving homemade falafel and steamed veg wraps! When I’m venturing out to spoil myself, my go-to spot for brekky is Imperfect Nutritionist. All meals are made with premium produce, I have so much gratitude for the food they serve! My go-to is the corn fritters, rainbow salad and the half acai/coco whip bowl, and then always finish with a hazelnut brownie or an Oreo slice!

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Shot by @andreaveltom on Guringai Country. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians, the Gayamaygal and Garigal people, and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.


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